Strong Servo Motor for Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines

The strong Servo motor for heavy duty industrial sewing machines: Powerful + Quiet + Accurate Speed Control

As result of 20 years of working experience with heavy duty industrial sewing machine, we know well how to make a proper servo motor.
HIGHTEX HVP series heavy sewing machine Servo Motors use the latest sewing technology to provide unparalleled power and torque.

Main Features:

1. Powerful—Real 750W output, it can drive 733 class e heaviest industrial sewing machine well.

2. Quiet– the noise that is normally associated with sewing motors (clutch motor) is almost entirely eliminated, creating a more pleasant work environment.

3. Accurate Speed Control—speed is adjustable by simple setting (from 100 to 4800RPM). This makes sewing detailed work much easier.

4. High efficiency, can improve labor efficiency 20%~30%.

5. Energy saving feature saving up to 60%-80% in energy costs.

6. Uses 150 degrees Celsius high performance rare earth permanent magnetic materials to ensure product stability and reliability.

7. Additional control box is available as optional for supporting pneumatic presser foot lift, pneumatic reverse stitch, pneumatic center seam guide, switchable thread tension and needle cooler etc.

8. Work together with Speed Reducer to reach “Step Stitch” function (Precision step-by step stitching for detailed sewing, allows for one stitch at a time sewing by leather workers or anyone who needs stitch by stitch control for small items and turning corners.)

This is a breakthrough in servomotor technology, the 9-coil design, the torque is so strong you can’t hold the pulley with your hand (more torque even then a clutch motor).

It is the REAL servo motor for heavy duty industrial sewing machines, different from other motors so call “Energy Saving Servo Motor”, “Power Saving Servo Motor” or “Brushless Dc Servomotor” in the market (see the detailed difference at: )

Through the electronic engine, the machine is easy to operate, even for inexperienced operators. For example, is possible for very smooth start of the machine or even a stitch-by-stitch sewing with this machine.

Model number: HVP-70 / HVP-50
Input voltage: 220V/110V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Output: 750W (HVP-70) / 550W (HVP-50)
Max. Torque: 5.0 N.M / 6.5N/M
Speed Range: 100-4800 RPM
Needle positing precision: 5 degree (for HVP-50 with additional synchronizer)
Net weight: 6.8 KGS / 5.9KGS
Packing size: 390×300×210mm

The difference between real Servo Motor and Energy Saving Servo Motor

In the market there are so many industrial sewing machine motors so call “Energy Saving Servo Motor”, “Power Saving Servo Motor” or “Brushless Dc Servomotor”. These sewing machine motors are not REAL servo motor. The differences:

1, Energy Saving Servo Motor (Power saving Servo Motor, Brushless DC Motor) adopts square wave current drive, this square wave current drive way with low torque and has commutation current when shifts between low-speed zone, middle-speed zone and high-speed zone, result in unstable motor performance.
The real sewing machine servo motor adopts sinusoidal wave current drive. The sinusoidal wave current drive ways provides unparalleled power and torque. And can guarantee stable performance when motor shifts between low, middle and high speed.

2, Energy Saving Servo Motor (Power saving Servo Motor, Brushless DC Motor) uses low-cost ferrite magnets (also known as Ceramic Magnets), which has to be added magnetic performance by special equipment. This material is cheap, but the magnetism will disappear as time goes on. Ferrite requires big volume, so small size energy saving servo motor is not powerful enough for heavy duty industrial sewing machines.
The real industrial sewing machine servo motor uses Rare-earth magnets, which are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements. The compact permanent magnet servo motor can create unbelievable torque.

3. Energy Saving Servo Motor (Power saving Servo Motor, Brushless DC Motor) using Open-loop system, which is set up achieve desired results, but there is no way of checking if the result has been achieved. This real Electronic servo motor using Closed-loop control system that is able correct in order to meet target result, so precision speed control and consistent stitch quality can be achieved.

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