Tippmann Boss leather hand stitcher is a hand-powered sewing machine capable of sewing up to 3/4? thick leather, as well as “nylon, canvas, urethane, plastic, sheepskin, etc.

This leather sewing machine is completely self-sufficient. The Boss can be clamped to any table, tailgate, or tradeshow table and put to work immediately. There is no need to for any electrical hook-ups, because this machine is completely hand driven.

What is the advantage of hand powered over an electric machine?

1. Precision step-by step stitching for detailed sewing work;
2. Compact design, ideal for small handmade leather workshop and saddlery workshop;
3. Without complicated electronics, easy to use and maintain;
4. No electrical consumption, very little maintenance;
5. A cheap and handy leather stitcher that affordable to most leather craftsman and saddle maker;
6. Very light industrial machine, so it can easily be moved around, or stored away when not in use;
7. Another advantage is that the Boss leather hand machine takes the Singer 111 type presser feet so you have a wide range of accessories to choose from.

What is the limitation of Tippmann Boss hand crank leather sewing machine?

1. This leather stitch using small Barrel shuttle hook (same to Adler 105 or Singer 45K), not perfect for heavier sewing thread;
2. The casting material is aluminum, and mostly zinc extruded parts inside the machine, so the quality of the machine suffered a lot;
3. The throat depth of the Tippmann Boss stitch 6.5?. This can be a problem with some holster patterns and other bigger size leather goods;
4. The Boss uses a “Needle Feed” feed type to pull the material into the machine, this is not as perfect as triple feed CowBoy leather sewing machines.

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