Tips for 71008R rope sewing machine for rope end bar tacking

Whether your shopping for a new rope sewing machine or just looking to better understand the one you have, it can be helpful to understand the features and functionality of this heavy dut bar tacking machine. Let’s take a closer look at this automated sewing equipment.

Histroy of 71008R rope sewing machine

The first generation of extra bar tacking machine was born in 2006. A climbing rope manufacturer in north of China has 20 sets of Adler 266-1 heavy duty zigzag sewing machine, for rope end backing. Very low efficiency and seam quality. They found us in 2003, and requested a sewing automation. Inspired by Durkopp Adler 506-3, our engineers spend over 3 years to computerize the 204-370 heay duty lockstitch machine. It is the prototype of 71008R bar tacking machine. In March of 2006, a technician who have 30 years of experience with Durkopp Adler industrial sewing machine visited us, improved the design. We start to sell 71008R machine in October of 2006, the first computerized rope sewing machine sold in Australia.

heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine

Where we sold this computerized bar tacking machine?

Since 2006, we have sold over 1000 sets 71008R automatic bar tacking machines to worldwide ropes manufacturers, in over 20 countries, including:
Asia: China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore
North America: United States, Canada
South Africa: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico
Europe: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia
Africa: South Africa

How thick of the rope can be sewn by 71008R bar tacking machine

We recommend 71008R rope sewing machine for the production of 6-18mm (Dia) regular arborist ropes, climbing/caving ropes, boat rope & marine rope, rescue ropes, rigging ropes, custom cordage and braided rope. Kernmantle ropes are the most common type of dynamic rope.

If you are to make industrial ropes or military ropes made of extremely hard material (such asKevlar rope) , you may need 71008RX Extra powerful rope end bartacking machine (with triple needle penetration force). 71008RX is custom made sewing automation, with very high cost. You have to send us rope samples and sewing thread for testing, before purchasin the machine.

This rope sewing machine can sew flat webbing sling, too?

Yes, if you do not produce rope every day, and make both ropes, harness and flat webbing slings. This automatic sewing equoipment can make both bar tacking at end of ropes, and reinforcement stitch (shape tacking) safety harness and flat slings. But please note:

1. You have to purchase an additional clamp (sewing frame);
2. The max. sewing area of 71008R is 130 X 60mm only.

This automated sewing equipment is easy to install?

Most clients conern abou the installation of industrial sewing machine, especially the electronic controlled pattern sewin machine. So all HIGHTEX automatic sewing machine have been throughly assembled, tested and seviced (Ready to Operate) before delivery.
Our field engineers configure these sewing automation equipment properly for customer sewing requirements. This includes building all the necessary clamping, jigging and fixturing to accomplish the sewing task, testing and checking all pneumatic, electrical, and computer systems for proper operation, programming the machine with all patterns supplied by the customers, and then testing the machine on samples that match exact customer specifications.
These operations save the end user many thousands of dollars in extra expense, eliminating the need for outsourcing the work required to get the machine in operating condition.

Where can I get spare parts?

At Hightex, we realize how critical it is to keep your automation running. Let’s face it, equipment breaks and machines malfunction. The key objective in a manufacturing environment is to minimize unplanned downtime.
This package provides the necessary parts for the first 6-7 years of operation.
You can purchase the spare parts package together with machine, then no need to order any parts during this period.

Secifications of 71008R rope stitching machine

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